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ScreenLine® by Pellini SpA designs, develops and manufactures sun shading systems to be integrated within double glazing units, which allow the problem of light and heat gain in buildings to be solved by means of long-lasting and maintenance-free solutions.
The blind is moved in a totally sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt or weather conditions; the characteristics of traditional double glazing units are also preserved, leaving unaltered the hermetic properties of the cavity. All this is made meeting the requirements of the current standards in terms of energy performances of buildings.

Over the years, ScreenLine®, has achieved a high number of significant patents, applying them in a wide range of products designed to meet every need related to sun shading: variety of colours, screening degrees, operation and versatility of application.

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In order to give appropriate effect to the continued evolution of its products,
Pellinindustrie, has given rise to Pellinindustrie, which is structured into three specific divisions:
ScreenLine®, which works in the glass sector (IG unit integrated systems) Tende e Sistemi, which manufactures first-rate blinds for internal use Nautica, which operates in the yacht and luxury boats furniture field.
Each division elaborates new ideas and turns them into cutting-edge technological products designed to meet the well-being requirements of today’s world.



Pellini Spa announces the installation of a completely new automated production line, which represents the first of its kind in the world.
The new fully computerised production line, utilises a bar code system, and guarantees excellent slat formation whilst simultaneously checking the quality of each item produced.
This investment in new technology has increased the production capacity to 500 blinds per shift.
Other advanced technologies have also been introduced for the production of blind components.


Product Certifications

Declaration of Performance


The components used for manufacturing ScreenLine® kits, which are designed for use within insulating glass, have been specifically selected in order to avoid release of elements that might jeopardise the transparency of the glazed unit (i.e. fogging effect) , according to the provisions of Standard EN 1279/6. Independent institutes have certified such a characteristic and quality controls on the incoming materials are continuously carried out in Pellini’s laboratory so that only suitable components are used in production.

GAS Leakage

If the insulating glass unit is correctly assembled, following the procedures and quantities of sealant for primary and secondary sealing specified by standard EN 1279/3, a good seal will be achieved for the gas filling the unit (gas leakage rate lower than 1% per year as checked in a laboratory following accelerated ageing, corresponding to a leakage rate lower than 5% over the course of 25 years starting from its installation on site). ScreenLine® kits are designed and manufactured in order to ensure the hermetic seal of the glazing unit.

Moisture penetration

The ScreenLine® kit is fitted within the insulating glass unit without compromising the unit’s special characteristics, and without altering the tightness of the joint, which is dependent only on the sealing material and the technology used by the insulating glass unit manufacturer. The unit must comply with Standard EN 1279/2, which requires the moisture penetration index (MPI) to be lower than 20%. This evaluation is carried out in a laboratory using suitable aging cycle procedures on sample insulating glass units.


The German Institute IFT has certified the contribution of ScreenLine roller blinds in improving the "U" transmittance value if compared to a DG unit without any integrated blind.